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The goal of Chi'Bagoda is to develop and explore the potential of bamboo as an accepted and widely used building material with the launching of a new species of sustainable architecture. We hope to introduce a modern bamboo construction system that will work with all species of bamboo across the entire socio-economic spectrum. Chi'Bagoda will fund these operations by providing prefab bamboo housing kits, adaptable to all climates. We hope to spread our dream and help house those in need by the operation of a non-profit organization which will not only help the impoverished and homeless, but provide a more desirable disaster relief housing system and choreographed sustainable rebuilding efforts.

Housing is a universal need, one which is not adequately being provided in parts of the world. Our desire is to help meet this common need worldwide by introducing a new and unique structural element created with one of the worlds most sustainable and abundant crops. In doing so we hope to inspire and be a leader in the broader sustainable development movement.

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